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Maia Quy Nhon Beach Resort

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Position: Khu du lịch Maia Quy Nhơn, Phù Cát, Bình Định

Type of property: Project  |   Bedroom: 3  |   Bathroom: 3  |   Area: 1249m2

Characteristics Comfort:

  • Parking
  • Swimming pool
  • Furniture
  • Features
  • Walking to the beach
  • Air Conditioning in the living room
  • Used swimming pool
  • Preventive generators
  • Parking lot
  • AC in living room
  • Phòng gym
  • Sân chơi trẻ em
  • Truyền hình cáp
  • Vườn
  • Wifi



Maia Quy Nhon, Maia Quy Nhon

Maia Quy Nhon Project, also known as Maia Quy Nhon Beach Resort, is a villa project on the seafront in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh invested by Vinacapital Group. When put into operation, the project will be managed by the Fusion brand - one of the most famous international brands in the fields of tourism, resorts, and spas. 

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Overview of the Maia Quy Nhon Beach Resort project

Some general information about the Maia Quy Nhon project :   
Master Plan's picture of Maia Quy Nhon project :

Maia Quy Nhon, Maia Quy Nhon
 ★   Own  a beach villa in one of the most beautiful locations in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh
 ★   Pay 50% and you can get home immediately. Payback is expected within 10-12 years. 
   The payment period lasts up to 2 years for the remaining amount, supporting the owner as much as possible. 
 ★  Attractive price:  Only from VND 9 billion for 2-bedroom villas. 
 ★  Annual vacation: Host can get 10 free nights every year at Maia Quy Nhon Resort (The number of nights can increase in the future)

Project location (Maia Quy Nhon Beach Resort)

Located in one of the most beautiful locations along Quy Nhon beach, it can be said that  Maia Quy Nhon Resort holds in itself the extremely favorable geographical advantages for the development of the project in the following years. 
  • Located in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, Phu Cat District, Binh Dinh Province: this area is attracting a lot of huge investment capital for the development of tourism infrastructure of the whole province, intending to turn Quy Nhon city. becoming a new tourism destination on the heritage and tourism path of Central Vietnam.
  • Since 2017, Quy Nhon has emerged as an attractive tourist destination, blessed with many beautiful beaches and rapids, fine white sand, a series of scenic spots such as Eo Gio, Ghenh Rang Tien Sa. , Champa twin towers, Ky Co island, Green Island, Phuong Mai peninsula ... 
  • Extremely easy connection from Phu Cat airport - within 20 minutes:  the closer the airport is to the airport, the more convenient Maia is considered to be located at the midpoint of the airport and the city center. city. 
  • 35 minutes to Quy Nhon city center: Not too far but not too close to the urban center is to bring a sense of relaxation - complete relaxation when visitors stop in this coastal city. 
  • 10 minutes  to the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam here: Eo Gio - Ky Co, Linh Phong Buddha, Dam Thi Nai 
  • 8 minutes  to FLC Safari - Resort 5 stars right next door 
  • 10 minutes  to the famous Gio Gio or Linh Phong Buddha statue; 20 minutes to the beautiful and famous beach Ky Co, Dam Thi Nai 
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Maia Quy Nhon, Maia Quy Nhon
Dam Thi Nai, Quy Nhon tourist attraction with breathtaking beauty,  not far from  Maia Quy Nhon Resort 
Maia Quy Nhon, Maia Quy Nhon

Eo Gio, Ky Co - A natural wonder given to Quy Nhon,  just 10 minutes taxi from  Maia Quy Nhon Resort :
Maia Quy Nhon, Maia Quy Nhon

Reputable investor (Maia Quy Nhon Beach Resort)

 Founded in 2003, VinaCapital is a leading investment management group headquartered in Vietnam and has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2016.  Vinacapital is knowledgeable about the market and is committed to bringing Solid returns on investment for all asset classes. 

Some projects that have been so successful and familiar as Vinacapital as an investor, can be mentioned as:
Maia Quy Nhon, Maia Quy Nhon

Vinacapital and its brand of BDS Vinaliving are always proud of the quality of projects and high-class lifestyle that Vinaliving has developed over the past two decades; Domestic customers are very confident, trusting in projects associated with Vinaliving brand. Some of Vinaliving's hugely successful products have developed:
  • The Ocean Villas
  • The Beach Enclave
  • The Dune Residences
  • Azura
  • Nine South Estates
  • The Ocean Estates
  • The Ocean Suites
  • The Point Residences...

What is special about the Maia Quy Nhon Beach Resort project?

The resort projects invested by  Vinacapital always have very special points, bearing the hallmark of an international corporation. With  Maia Quy Nhon Resort, of course, there will be differences as well.

Here are the reasons why customers should choose  Maia Quy Nhon Beach Resort  to invest: 

★  Professional management:  by Serenity Holding, this group owns the famous Fusion brand. Fusion currently owns and manages 6 major resorts in Phu Quoc, Cam Ranh, Da Nang, Saigon, and Hue...
Maia Quy Nhon Resort is the new Fusion Group's next resort and the first BDS product in the coastal city of Quy Nhon. Operation by the Fusion brand will boost expectations for good rental business and grow over time. The rate of profit-sharing of the tax mining program is 70%: 30% between the Owner and the Maia Management Board. This investment product is expected to have a payback period of 12 years.

★ Small  fund:  Maia Quy Nhon Resort was opened for sale this time with only 34 villas (The extremely rare fund creates a strong investment attraction)

★  Impressive design: bold resort, is the highlight in the luxury resort segment in Quy Nhon. Each unit has its own unique and impressive point connecting with lush gardens, close to nature with its path to the sea. The villas are designed with a tropical resort-style, the best materials, and equipment, providing the most private and comfortable living space. Extremely low construction density.

★  Annual vacation:  Owners get 10 free nights every year at their dream home in Maia Quy Nhon Resort. Depending on the peak and off-peak season, the level of increase and decrease of holidays will vary. In the long run, owners can negotiate an annual increase in vacation when demand for accommodation increases.

★  Legal records: extremely complete. The project construction permits, records 1/500, sales permits are fully published. The fact of the project has been frantically implemented phase 1a to 80% completed by October 2019.

★  Attractive selling price:  starting at over VND 9 billion for 2-bedroom villas. 
★  The payment schedule is extremely different:  

Maia Quy Nhon, Maia Quy Nhon

5-star facilities at Maia Quy Nhon Resort

The owner of  Maia Quy Nhon Beach Resort  will be privileged to enjoy classy facilities right on the resort's premises:
  • 2 Restaurant: with a very typical and famous cuisine of Fusion Corporation
  • Infinity pool close to the sea
  • Professional Spa area: the strength of the Fusion brand is always having a recovery area and intensive care, purifying the body very differently. When coming to Fusion, our loyal customers always book a room with a spa and daily meals as a resort at Fusion with a spa that brings a sense of relaxation and body care, a therapy effective mental relaxation.
  • Gym / Gym Fitness
  • Children's play club
  • Outdoor play area
  • Recreational / activity campus for residents

Scale of Maia Quy Nhon Beach Resort project

Resort  Maia Quy Nhon Beach Resort  consists of 88 villas and is developed in two stages:

❖ Stage 1A: Consisting of 54 villas:  The villa is NOT OPEN SALE: 42 villas of type 1 room 10 villas of 2-Bedroom, and 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom villas. This 1A sub-zone is expected to come into operation at the end of 2019  ❖  Phase 1B: Including 34 villas with PROPERTY FUNCTION. MAIA RESORT WILL OPEN SALE 34 VILLA THIS ON 14/11/2019 COMING SOON. This subdivision 1B is expected to be completed in 2020-2021  

  • 2-bedroom villa: 32 units - Land area from 453 m2 to 611 m2. Construction area 178 m2. Villa design only 1 floor, bold resort 
  • 3-bedroom villa: 2 units - Extremely large land area of ​​1110 m2 to 1249 m2 - Construction area of ​​236 m2. Villa design only 1 floor, bold resort 
(The entire  Maia Quy Nhon Beach Resort  will be completed and put into operation in 2023)

Detailed planning map of Maia Quy Nhon Resort project: 

Maia Quy Nhon, Maia Quy Nhon
Maia Quy Nhon, Maia Quy Nhon

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Contact Info: 

For further information on pricing and details, please contact:

 Hotline: 0935 335 137 / 0935 666 035 
📩 Email: 
🏫 Head Office: B504, The Ocean Suites, The Ocean Resort, quận Ngũ Hành Sơn, Đà Nẵng.  



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